Ways to reuse or upcycle boxes and materials on Green Box Aberdeen


Some thoughts….

“If it costs to recycle or send to landfill. Why not give it away for free.”

“We can also create and learn about material impacts, while doing great things.”

“The cardboard box itself can be a piece of art.”


7 things, you can do to help the environment.

1, Place your boxes for collection, on the group. A way to reuse spare boxes instead of recycling or landfill.

2, Post a boxes wanted ad on the group. Help reduce recycling and landfill.

3, Fill a box with material and post on the group. To be collected by crafters.

4, Ask for specific materials so they, don’t go to landfill or recycling.

5, Try a cardboard art project. To get you started. Click Here

6, Fill a box full of toys and place in the group.

7, Fill a box with stationery. For the craft to happen.



Can I suggest for the festive season this year whether you celebrate Christmas or not that you take part in this challenge?. Get a small gift or keepsake (It does not have to cost anything), add a note or message and leave it at a random persons doorstep, post/mailbox or porch. It can be anyone at all you feel is deserving or could use some cheer, please share too. You never know who you could make smile  Copy and paste or share if you want. #SpreadASmileOfJoy


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Team Building


Ideas for Box Crafting

Here are a list of units themed on different materials. To get you started. Click Here